Start Acting Like the Snowflake You Are

you are a snowflake, you are uniqueYou are a snowflake. You are unique, one of a kind. Did your mother ever tell you this? Probably, but chances are it’s long-forgotten along with other remarks which only a mother would say.

Unless you are one of three handsome, bright, talented young men in the Pacific Northwest with the last name of Sircely, I am not your mother, and yet I am telling you that you, yes YOU, are a snowflake. (Go ahead and laugh if you must – I’m being sincere!)

Your business is a snowflake, too. It has its own unique story and is led by you, the one-of-a-kind snowflake. So why treat it like it’s the same as any other business? Why gravitate toward the flock when you could distinguish your business with a marketing approach uniquely tailored to you?

It’s easy to slide into sameness. Templates and themes are ubiquitous. There are online templates for printing your business card and other marketing materials. There are themes for website design, customizable, but rarely well-customized. Stock art photos and graphics repeat themselves on websites, blog posts and brochures. Copywriting guides and software programs teach fill-in-the-blanks, until everything follows the same blueprint. As a result, marketing materials are becoming increasingly generic — looking, reading and sounding the same.

When you appear to be the same as all the others, how do you convince customers to buy from you? Your potential customers want to know: What makes you different and why should I buy from you? What’s behind the workings of your business? What’s your business story?


What Makes You Different?

Your unique story

Your Story: Uncover your unique story – everybody has one. We all have our own personal reasons and passions for doing what we do. Telling your backstory accentuates your individuality and encourages others to connect with you.

Ask yourself:

1. What makes me uniquely qualified to do what I do?

2. How and why did I begin?

3. What have I achieved that helps others trust and want to do business with me?

4. And most important: What do I offer that generates positive responses; what is it that makes me remarkable?


your image, your lookYour Look: Design is a vital element that either draws people in, causes a headache or induces drowsiness. As a snowflake is one-of-a-kind, your website and other marketing materials need to reflect your uniqueness in a way that instantly captures the interest of prospective customers and earns their trust as they delve deeper.

Your look is so important, it’s advisable to invest in a trained graphic designer. Create a logo or type treatment in colors that are appropriate for your business and reflect the story you tell. Tweak that website theme so it’s fully customized, or start from scratch and build something special. Keep your look consistent throughout your marketing materials, from website to print and across all social media to platforms.

If possible, take your own photos or hire a photographer to shoot key images. This gives you a distinctive look and makes you stand out from all the others using the same stock images.


your unique business styleYour Style: Here’s where your remarkableness can shine through brightly. Everyone interacts differently with customers and prospects. What’s your style? What are your personal qualities?

Look into your products, services and how you work with customers and prospective customers. What is special about what you offer, and the style with which you offer it? What is special about how you work with others? What is special about how you care for your clients and customers? How do you serve them? What do you do that encourages people to say positive things about you?


Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Think of yourself as a snowflake, and define what distinguishes you from the rest. Tell your unique story and wrap it into a marketing plan. Tell it everywhere. Have it shine through on your website, in all your print materials, and throughout social media in a consistent, coordinated message that is as unique as the snowflake you are.

Always remember: You are a snowflake. We are all snowflakes. Let’s have the courage to be proud of our differences.



  1. Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’m a snowflake. However, I have to determine what kind of snowflake I am. I am a direct seller and selling a very well known brand with thousands of sellers such as myself. The difference is that some of those sellers are a lot more successful then me. Why is that? Because I think that they have found their inner snowflake. Now I have to do the same.

  2. Anita says:

    I love this article and the focus on uniqueness is such an all important topic. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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