Mary Ann Sircely, Owner of Sircely Marketing and DesignMary Ann Sircely is a marketing consultant, writer and graphic designer who enjoys sharing what she’s learned over the years.

Enterprising Marketing speaks to those who approach business development with an energetic spirit and a readiness to act. If you’re looking for practical, no-nonsense ideas on marketing and PR, you’re in the right place. If you don’t understand the marketing jargon and just the thought of marketing makes your palms sweaty, this blog is for you.

After studying journalism, fine art and government at Connecticut College and Lehigh University, Mary Ann Sircely began her journalism career at a daily newspaper in the Philadelphia area. First working as a beat reporter with a knack for investigative reporting, she soon rose to the role of city editor, exercising news judgment and performing layouts for three editions every day. At the newspaper, she met her husband, Harry Sircely, an award-winning photojournalist, and they settled in the small Victorian village of Wycombe in Bucks County, PA.


Small children brought her close to home for a few years, and in 1987, she founded Sircely Marketing & Design, employing the same skills and layout tools she had used during her time as a newspaper editor. Like most small businesses, Sircely Marketing & Design was founded at a small desk in the corner of the dining room. She soon advanced to an electric typewriter before transitioning to the first generations of Macintosh computers.

“Time flies when you enjoy your work,” says Mary Ann. “Now that I am working from a small island in the Puget Sound region, my clients can enjoy the benefits of ideas that come to me while sailing, gardening or hiking in primeval forests. There’s something about the absence of street lights and traffic, box stores and chain restaurants, that feeds my well of inspiration.”

With each client, Mary Ann’s personal touch ensures that marketing does not need to be scary, but can actually be logical, inspiring, and creative. “Often times, I speak with my clients about how the methods of marketing are changing, but the rules stay the same. We all need to make the most of every opportunity to grow our businesses.

“To every client, I promise to cut through the jargon and demystify the process. Marketing doesn’t have to be drudgery – I work with my clients to tell their stories in compelling ways and translate complex material into language everyone can understand. I show them how we can use words, typography and design to capture the interest of prospective customers.”